8 Ideas for Lavish Wedding Decoration

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Marriage is beautiful union for couples. To mark this memorable day of celebrations we are going to present few ideas on your auspicious day. Planning this grand wedding day is really very challenging and big task for family members and even excited to be a part of your day. But planning in advance for special party is very memorable and fantastic.

  • Choose a best venue

Choosing the best venue for a wedding day is very important and should be perfect to impress all. There are many places to go with all the facilities with plenty of space that can be used for various purposes of celebrations. The place should feel so comfortable for guests with certain needs like chairs, table, air-conditioners, basic needs, experienced staffs and many more.


  • Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding shoot is part of these celebrations. This is also very much important while planning for a marriage. This photo shoot can be indoor or outdoor but this is really on swing nowadays. This day can some up extra special shoot with friends, family or only couples.


  • Theme of your Wedding

This is very essential for your wedding day. Based on this a wedding frame can be arranged including Balloons, Lighting, Music, Flowers and other entertainments.           Having wedding invitations, cake, table cloth and other related favors are great ways to add for a wedding theme.


  • Flower Decors

Arrange the party space into beautiful paradise by decorating different flower colored tones as required for the space. This is more simplicity and elegant. Flower theme and decorations gives beautiful fragrance and happiness all over the party. Wedding flowers may be a large part of your wedding plans.


  • Balloon Decors

Choosing the best balloon décor for reception is very special. This balloon décor can be done into stunning look for your modern wedding receptions. Beginning from entrance balloon arch, walk way, stage décor, guest chair decors, table decors, top ceiling decors and many as per the space can be arranged.


  • Lighting

Lighting will depend on whether your reception is an outdoor or indoor. The main element of wedding is lighting. To highlight all other decorations lighting is very important and very much essential for photo shoot. This can arranged in very creative way and with endless ideas.


  • Photo Booth

Add something new and unique on your wedding day that people should love to have fun. This décor can be done in a fantastic ways where guest will talk about it for long time. Think how much fun and joy you can have with this photo booth along with family, cousins and friends to celebrate a big day.


  • Dance Floor

All eyes will be on this dance floor and it’s a perfect add on for the wedding celebrations. This dance floor makes even guest to just say wow. Surprise your partner with unexpected entertainment during the party. Lets guests go on a mad with music and bang on till the party ends.

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