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Make your child very special from our balloons and flower decorations. We, offer beautiful flower decors and colorful balloon decors for your cradle/naming ceremony. Generally this occasion is celebrated on arrival of a new baby. It’s a way of welcoming new arrival and introducing the baby to family, relatives and friends. We give you the best naming ceremony planners, organizers and decorators in Bengaluru. Make your child naming ceremony worth remembering with our ideas and decors.

  • Plain Balloon Decorations

This plain balloon decoration can create an atmosphere that will make your party most happening. We can ensure balloon decorations in different sizes, shapes and color combination. Balloons can even make baby naming ceremony decoration look amazing. We, can make the decors to look very beautiful.

  • Flower Decorations

For this special splendid occasion flowers decorations is must for welcoming new baby for his/her naming ceremony day. These flowers will refresh and adds joyous celebrations for the occasion. Decorations of flowers such as rose decors, marigold decors, pink and white flower decors.

  • Theme Balloon Decorations

There are wide ranges of theme balloon decorations for naming ceremony from You can decorate the venue with customized, flowers, balloons, drapes and many more. These themes decors are perfect way to welcome your little one with bundle of joy.

  • Drapes Decorations and Curtain Decorations

A naming ceremony is our turn to give some joy to our family and friends. The best drapes designs are to be considered for this great day with creative decorations. 

  • Printed Balloon Decorations

Print your baby’s name on balloons and get wonderful balloon ceiling decoration on the event. Even add colorful ribbons and balloon strings tied along with printed names. Printed names such as, It’s a Boy, It’s a Girl, Baby name, Welcome and many more.

  • Air Balloon Decorations has a fantastic balloon selection to choose for your baby naming ceremony. We have multi color balloons in every shade and this can be filling with helium or air to suit your needs. This air balloons can transform party space into a wonderful paradise for the celebration.

  • Foil Balloon Decorations

For kids balloons are known for joy and happiness. It spreads the celebrations for this special occasion. Foil balloons are lively and attractive for the events that include Cartoon faced, round shaped, heart shaped and star shaped. offers a variety form of balloon collections that suits the theme and favorite characterized of babies.

  • Balloon Game

Make the kid’s to stand around with a circle and tell them to throw the balloon into the air and call out the name of a random kid. The aim is for the kid to catch the balloon before it touches the ground. This makes really fun and laugh throughout the party and will be in memorable.

We hope that you find the best ways to celebrate your Baby Naming Ceremony from balloon collections. For more details please feel free to contact us on 7204148445 & 9113686810 or visit For best services we are available on 24/7 online with home delivery services throughout the Bengaluru.

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