Birthday decorations for kids from age 2-9 years

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May 5, 2019
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A birthday bash shows kids that can be super festive. Birthday is always filled with bundle of joy, awesome gifts with amazing people and also a special moment in kid’s life. We, decorate the venue according to the season and budget and also as per the theme and age of the kid. Nowadays balloons and flowers are trend for the birthday party, else with theme based props can be used. Here we present some ideas to decorate your kid’s birthday party at home or party hall in simple ways.

  • Funny Photo Booth

Add funny paper banner cuts of your kid’s photo printouts with balloon decorations. If you are throwing a theme birthdays you can choose based on that. This is for sure to be a crowd pleasing addition to your birthday event. Even photo booth can be simple backdrop using your choice of colored paper and streamers. This is perfect for those who celebrating birthday at home.


  • Fresh Birthday Cake

Cakes are perfect for birthdays that can sent to family and friends for their special birthdays. Always chose a delicious cake with yummy flavors and shapes to delight the birthday event. This cake really makes wonder to the event.


  • Chocolate Fountain

This set up really adds more celebration for the birthday party especially for kid’s birthday. Since chocolate fountain goes great with naturally sweet items. This is for sure makes one of the favorite food desserts for kid’s and can share with everyone. This chocolate fountain has become trend and holding the parties in style is fashion.


  • Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are always fun to decorate the kid’s birthday parties. There are such vast numbers of ways that balloons can be utilized for the child’s parties especially foil balloons. Foil balloons can even decorated at home by letters such as HAPPY BIRTHDAY and number foil balloons with age of the child. Foil balloons can be added with other normal balloons for more celebrations that kid’s can enjoy throughout the party. We, have huge number of collections that are suitable for your kid’s birthday as per their chose.


  • Entrance Balloon Decoration

Designing and decorating the main entrance with different colors of balloons are always amazing and really makes your guests feel welcome. Let’s make party entrance designed with colorful balloons, customized balloon trees with characters and welcome text that will be more impressive.


  • Balloon Dance Floor

This balloon dance floor will delight any little kid’s on their birthday. Our balloon decoration is affordable and effective way to decorate venues. These balloon decorations are available in a wide range of colors and designs. For sure this decor makes party to be filled with energy and musical fun filled. Let your guests know in advance that it’s a dance party so they will be properly dressed to bang the party.


We hope that you find the best ways to celebrate your Kid’s birthday from balloon decorations and gift collections. Contact us on 7204148445 & 9113686810 or visit For best services we are available on 24/7 online with home delivery services throughout the Bengaluru.

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