Ideas for Outdoor Holi Decoration

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Holi is the most colorful festival of India. It is known as “festival of colors” or “festival of love” and for many a Holi festive day is to meet friends and family, play and laugh, forget and forgive. It is also the best time to decorate your space for this Holi festival for welcoming your friends and relatives. Holi is also perfect occasion for that burst of colors. Here are some ideas that you can play on to make your Holi colorful day with fun filled.

  • Colorful Flower Decorations

To lend your Holi party venue a colorful and fresh, flower are must for bright decorations. Arrange for each and every corner that gives a festive touch. Flower hangings have their own ethnic aspect to look good. You can have celebration with this colorful festival with flowers and playing holi with flowers is the most beautiful way and even eco-friendly. 

  • Colorful Balloon Decorations

Having your party space well decorated with colorful balloons provides a perfect ambience for Holi celebrations. You can have colorful balloon decorations throughout the area. Tie a ribbon to the end of each balloon and bring them all together by tying into a one knot. Make simple balloons bunches and tie them in different places like entrance, food area and at play area.

  • Colorful Rangoli Decorations

Rangoli designs will help you to decorate your home entrance. Create awesome rangoli using pretty patterns and colors. Use flower petals and rangoli powder to prepare a beautiful rangoli in the courtyard of your house.  

  • Play Holi with natural colors

Playing Holi with natural colors or organic colors is the best way to celebrate this colorful festival such as, go with natural colors by simply using turmeric or chandan and also make a different combination of your choice. 

  • Colorful Pots

To add more joy and excitement to the Holi celebrations, keep some colorful pots around your space with different shapes and fill them up with holi colors and place them at the entry gate of your house or at main place where Holi is celebrated. 

  • Colorful Paper Bunting

If you are looking a good budget then this is best options and oldest idea to celebrate Holi festival at your party space. Colorful paper bunting decoration adds splashes for your Holi day of celebrations. Put it up on the walls and doorways of the party venue. 

  • Holi Gifts

Welcome your guests with Holi special gifts such as, Holi Colors, a hamper of chocolates, sweets, dry-fruits and many more. These gifts really make them to feel very special for the party.

  • Holi Special Music

This Holi festival wouldn’t complete without the Holi special music. Collect all your favorite hit songs from the list whether it may old or new, go play them at full blast. Get your friends and family ones to shake a leg.

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