Why Helium balloons are safer than Hydrogen Balloons?

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Balloons are a common decorative material of any celebration. It may be birthday, wedding or anniversary, a new launch this balloon decorations makes the occasion very memorable and colorful. It’s safe to say that balloons are an important part of all celebrations, big or small.

  • Why is helium gas used to fill balloons instead of hydrogen gas?

Because helium is lighter than air and hydrogen is another gas lighter than air. Hydrogen is highly inflammable and incredibly dangerous. Helium on other hand is inserting and cool. Helium atoms are bigger and diffuse less rapidly through a balloon and it won’t burn or react in anyway. It may be more expensive but it’s much safer to store and work with and almost as light.

  • Why do we use helium and not hydrogen balloons?

In order to get a floating balloon you want a gas which is as light as possible. Helium is quite a lot lighter than air. The problem is that hydrogen is explosive, and if you have children running around with balloons that could catch fire and blow up in their faces, it may have some health and safety implications! So helium is better choice for the party’s decorations.

  • Are hydrogen balloons safe?

Though Helium is safe to use, do not directly inhale helium from a balloon, as helium may displace the oxygen in the air which may cause suffocation and serious harm.

NOTE: only Hydrogen will burn and explode and Helium is a non explosive and non flammable gas and hence Helium is safe to use.


  • Why do we use helium in balloons?

Helium is used in balloons because hydrogen is dangerous and causes severe problems like it escapes into the upper atmosphere. Also it ignites even with the slightest heat on coming in contact with the atmosphere .It is also typical to collect and store hydrogen and also very expensive. Hydrogen being very lighter escapes suddenly into atmosphere. Therefore because of several issues helium gas is preferred over hydrogen gases in balloons which is also very light and have almost similar properties as that of hydrogen.

  • Why helium is safe?

Helium is much safer for children and kids. It prevents the explosion and does not catch fire easily. Whereas hydrogen is the lightest element, catches fire easily. It is not much safer to use in balloons. Since helium gas is lighter than air balloons float in the air and make the parties and occasions a special one for your lovable ones. Hence helium is convenient for filling in balloons.

  • Useful Tips to be followed

Hydrogen is flammable and it is cheaper than helium, most decorators will use hydrogen to make balloon float. So make sure with decorators about this and insist on helium balloons. So it’s best to make sure that you keep the decorations at a safe distance from the main activity area, especially cake cutting area. Even a small spark can lead to hydrogen balloons explosions, so make sure all the connections, electrical wires in your party space are in good conditions.

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